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Submission #387

Boring Sunday

The moment Derek Morgan finally realized he was in love with Garcia? A boring Sunday afternoon and he decided to drive by, just to hang out a little. He found her sitting on the couch with 7 year old Henry trying to solve his math homework. Her hair was in a messy bun and she wore one of his college shirts. It started out like a boring Sunday and suddenly his whole world stood upside down.

Submitted by cozypie

Submission #386

Rossi and Garcia loves to watch Supernatural. They talk about new episodes and they want to have a party for the season 9 finale

Submitted by anon

Submission #385

Reid secretly likes to listen to Adam Lambert but he wouldn’t admit it to the team because Morgan would never let him hear the end of it

Submitted by stephanielockedinthetardis

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Submission #384

Spencer’s anthrax poisoning pushed Derek to own up to his feelings for Spencer and he confessed his love to the younger man. They have been in a serious relationship ever since.

Submitted by anon

Submission #383

Since Spencer was so bummed about leaving the Dr. Who convention early, Derek got tickets to the next convention as a surprise.
Submitted by anon

Submission #382

JJ signed for a cooking class to learn to make creole and Cajun dishes because she knows how much Will misses New Orleans cuisine.

Submitted by morgan-reidismyotp 

Submission #381

When Garcia sends out the list of items the BAU needs when they arrive, one of the requests is that the LEOs provide rolling (moveable) chairs.  Reid has twice fallen backwards by rocking his chair too far on the stationary ones.

Submitted by blue-sunflowers 


Casually saying the ask and submit boxes are open


Casually saying the ask and submit boxes are open